May A Muslim Saying Merry Christmas?

Alhamdulillahi robbil ‘alamin, shalaatu wa wa salaamu’ ala Muhammad wa nabiyyina ‘ala alihi shohbihi wa wa sallam.

May A Muslim Saying Merry Christmas?

We often hear the words that before the celebration of Christmast might be implemented by people. Regarding the permissibility congratulates Christmas to the Christians may or not, some Muslims are still hazy about this. Some of them are obscured by the thought some people who say smart (read: scholars), so they assume that congratulates Christmas to people why Christians can not (one should not). Even some smart people had said that it was ordered or recommended. But to find out that proble is right or not, of course we must refer to the Quran and As Sunnah, also on the clergy are qualified, who really understand with this religion. Teachings of Islam should not we take from any person, although maybe the people who take their knowledge is said to be a scholar. But the source of such people is mostly referring to the words of western orientalists who want to destroy this religion. They tried to tamper with the proposition or the words of the scholars who according to his desires. They can’t because they want to seek truth from Allah and His Messenger, but merely follow the passions. If in accordance with their thoughts that have been contaminated with the orientalis understand, then they take. But if it does not coincide with their desires, they will be rejected outright.

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